Money Loves Speed


This is one of my favourite sayings, but what does it mean? Well, I have a great example from earlier this week in my business.

It's Thursday.


On Tuesday I had an idea. The idea was that there were lots of people my audience for The Girls Mean Business who were feeling stuck and overwhelmed.


This meant their business wasn’t growing because every marketing task felt like a huge job. They were too busy to even start it, so it didn’t get done. This, on repeat.


It’s a situation loads of us find ourselves in but I had an idea.


My idea was the Dream Business Academy, a monthly membership for busy small business owners based on bite-sized learning, mini tasks, mini challenges and consistent mini wins.


This would help people keep marketing, consistently, without adding to their stress. Oh, and an amazing FB group for support and networking. Sounds good, right?


I had the idea Tuesday lunchtime. I mapped out what it would look like in a short paragraph and put it out in a couple of my groups. Within half an hour I had some positive feedback. That was enough.


I created a quick sales page, set up the product in my shop, created a home page in my Simplero site where my courses live and posted in my groups again.


Within an hour I had 30 new members.


On Wednesday I mentioned it in my newsletter and got another bunch of new members.


Why am I telling you this?

Because it is so easy to get stuck in a never ending cycle of thinking and planning when you are creating online products.


That’s fine to begin with but it’s not making you any money and it’s not out there helping people.

In half a day I had the idea, put it out for feedback, got a few yeses, write a quick sales page and set up my membership. Oh, and sold 30. We're up to 60 within 2 days.


Was it the best sales page?


No, but it’s good enough because people bought.


Did I earn enough to retire on?


No, I only sold 30 places that time but as a pilot, that’s fantastic. It has proved the concept. Now it’s up to me to market it.


I could still be sitting here pondering. Instead I’m selling places, helping amazing people and making money.


Take this as a big nudge to stop planning and get that product out there this week. OK? Or even better, grab my MONEY LOVES SPEED CHALLENGE for just £27 now!


Love, Claire xx



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