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I have a BIG secret...

The one thing that changed my entire business (and my life) was mastering the concept that Money LOVES Speed. 

This one concept has allowed me to take many ideas and turn them into 5-figure launches in minimal time and I want to show you how to do it. 

Introducing the Money Loves Speed Challenge! 

money loves speed challenge




I know you’re working hard to make your business work…or at least you’d like to. 

But so often our Mind Monkeys say, “Not today, Pal!” And we let another idea fall by the wayside that could have been making us money. 

If you want to turn your business into consistent 10K months, you must master the concept that Money LOVES Speed.

Turn Your Business Into a Consistent Money-Making Machine

Without a website

Without any fancy systems

Without FEAR

The best part is, not only are you going to have a product to sell in 3 days so you can make back 10x your investment with this, you’re also going to be able to put this process on REPEAT in your business.



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Learn how to: 

  • Take nothing and turn it into CASH in hand
  • Know which of your millions of ideas to choose
  • Line up your buyers 
  • Create FAST solutions to any problem
  • Market your FAST solutions successfully

This is the same process that I use every single time I have an idea - and I have lots of them! - and I want to turn it into a 5-figure launch. 



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Are you going to walk out of this challenge with a 5-figure launch? You could, but if you are still starting out, this process will get you there eventually. 

It’s how I have sold the majority of my programmes and it’s how my clients and members get their results, too. But you have to learn how to do it.



Why It Works

The Money LOVES Speed method works because it’s a well-known fact that over-thinkers struggle to make money. And with this process, you’re going to learn how to take an idea and get it up and running in as little time as possible so you’re capitalising on your own energy around your idea. 

Our ideas are born with legs. 

It’s up to us to know which ones will be profitable. And it’s up to us to do the work to take them from thought to cash in hand. 


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Why Me?

I’m Claire Mitchell, founder of The Girls Mean Business, and I help business owners not only find their profitable ideas but take action on them by helping them overcome their Mind Monkeys while learning the business end of business. 

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I’ve been helping businesses for over a decade now and my courses and programs are changing people’s lives. 





Sign Up for the Money LOVES Speed Challenge and get immediate access to:

  • 3 days of action-prompting content - everything you need to become a fast money-maker
  • Access to the Money LOVES Speed group where you’ll get the answers and support you need to make back your money fast

You get immediate access to the Day 1 Challenge content because I want you to take those ideas you have and start taking action NOW. 

When you fall in love with the idea that Money LOVES Speed, you’ll never go back to long, drawn-out launches or taking forever to craft a notion that has come up for you. 

You have everything you need to start making money right now. 

This Challenge is just going to show you how to use it. FAST. 



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Do I need a website? 

Nope! You only need your phone/tablet/computer to make money! 

Do I need a big, fancy system in place?

Nope! You only need your idea and a means to access other humans (aka the internet)!

Am I going to learn how to create my products?

You’re going to learn how to know which ideas will be profitable and how to market them, but the tech that’s involved is actually part of another course. 



If you’ve been putting off developing your ideas, this Challenge is for you! Because Money LOVES Speed and making back 10x your investment starts right here. Right now!

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