This is Not How You Grow a Business

Marketing Hug, Mindset

I see lots of business owners saying they are behind, that they are not going fast enough in their business and it’s frustrating them.

If you feel like this I’d like to reframe it for you.

Building a business is a long game where you learn from experience and get better over time.

🚗 You know those ‘learn to drive in a week’ courses where you learn enough to pass your test but then you have YEARS of learning what it’s really like to drive on different roads, in different conditions and with other (often dodgy) drivers on the road?

It’s a bit like that.

You can learn enough to get going in business pretty quickly but the rest takes time.

  • Every mistake is a lesson
  • Every disappointment is a learning curve
  • Every flop is a chance to try again
  • Every bad customer is showing you who you DON’T want in your business.
  • The knowledge to grow your business comes FROM the experience of running it
  • You can’t rush that

You’re not behind, you’re going at exactly the right speed for where you are now in your business and your life.

Love, Claire xx

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