Six-Figure Your Website


This 90-minute class is all about how to ramp up your website to match your six-figure ambition. For most business owners, their website doesn’t really help their marketing. It just sits there online, looking pretty. Wouldn’t it be better if your website showed up in online searches for your expert topic and actively brought in sales?

If you want to build a six-figure business, you have to reframe your thinking and start to show up differently.

From the content of your site and the words you use to the images you choose and the content you include, every aspect of your site can speed up and support your business growth journey – IF you get it right.

In this class you will learn what to include, what to leave out and how to show the world you mean business.

This is not about building a site or anything techie – this is about taking a site and adding six-figure magic. I can’t wait to help you.


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