Six-Figure Webinars That Sell


I got my first 1000 list subscribers and over ¬£5000 in sales from my very first webinar back in 2012. Since then, I’ve used them to grow my list and my business.

In those days it was a tech headache but the brilliant news is these days it’s easier than ever. Seriously, if you’ve ever wondered about using webinars in your business, this class is exactly what you need.

In this 1 hour 40 minute masterclass YOU WILL LEARN:

  • What webinars are and how you can use them to sell your online products
  • How to structure your webinars to get loads more sales
  • The main things you must have in place before you start
  • The ONE thing you need to include to get people to take action now
  • My secret ingredient that stops you feeling icky when you get to the offer
  • My best tips after running LOTS of very successful webinars (one of which paid for my house deposit)

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