Six-Figure Newsletters


Newsletters are a POWERHOUSE in marketing and yet hardly anyone uses them. Learn how to create newsletters that will help you stand out from the crowd and make a difference while building your six-figure business. I think you’re going to love this class!
Newsletters are an amazing (and underrated) marketing tool and a key component of many six-figure businesses.Why? Because they are a multi-tasking miracle! In one fell swoop they help you build your credibility, position you as an expert, add tons of value, build relationships AND keep you top of mind. What’s not to love? Plus they can bring you sales – LOTS of sales – and even better, you won’t need to SELL because your newsletter will make your subscribers WANT to buy from you. It’s true!
In this class I’m going to share:
  • What differentiates a six-figure newsletter from an ‘OK’ newsletter
  • 6 content elements that will boost your chances of newsletter success
  • 3 things you must remember when writing your newsletters if you want the BEST results
  • My TOP tip to get your newsletters opened
  • A really useful and yet under-rated tool you probably never use but should!
  • How to turn subscribers into buyers without selling

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