Launch With No List


How do you launch when you have no real list or real audience?

When you’re just starting out it can be hard! I know because this is where I found myself back in 2012 when I needed to get some sales, fast, in my brand new business and nobody had ever heard of me.

I went on to get over 1000 people onto my list and had my first sales EVER of an online course.

It was called Running a Business in Heels (it’s long gone) and it cost £999. I sold 5 in that first launch and it changed my life forever.
The times have changed but this is still possible using pretty much the same tactics I used back in the day.
What You’ll Learn
  • Where to start on your ‘launch with no list’ journey
  • Where most people go wrong they launch their first online product
  • How I built my first list as I launched
  • The 3-part strategy I would recommend today

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