Fill Your Classes


✅ Craft classes? ✅ Music classes? ✅ Fitness classes? ✅ Cookery classes? ✅ Quilting classes? ✅ Wellbeing classes? ✅ Swimming classes? ✅ First-aid classes? ✅  Online classes? 
There is a HUGE demand out there but it can feel really tricky to get bums on seats (or in the gym, hall or in the pool!) So what do you do? How do you FILL them? I can help!
If your business involves filling classes or getting bums on seats, this is perfect for you because in this 2-part masterclass I’m going to be sharing some great marketing ideas that you can adapt for your business including why customers aren’t booking and what you need to say to them to make booking a no-brainer, as well as tips to get your classes seen!