Wake Up to a Bank Account That Grows Overnight

Yes, That Includes YOU!



Imagine this: Your phone pings with notifications, each one telling you that money has been flowing into your account while you were dreaming. And all it took was one brilliant idea, turned into reality and shown to the right people.

It’s not just a dream – it’s entirely doable, even if you're doubting what you have to offer.

Here’s How You Can Make It Happen:


  • 🔥 Idea to Income: Learn how to pick the perfect idea that's a sure money-maker.
  • 🔥 Product Creation Simplified: Discover the steps to turn your idea into a sought-after product.
  • 🔥 Effortless Marketing: Uncover the secrets to selling your product with ease to the right audience.
  • 🔥 Quick Sales Strategy: Start generating sales swiftly and smoothly.
  • 🔥 All Industries Welcome: From artists to Zumba instructors – anyone can do this. Check out the diverse range of products created by my students!

Stop Second-Guessing Your Genius!

Your head is a treasure trove of online product ideas you've yet to explore. It's time to bring them to life. Don't let a potential goldmine slip away because you underestimated its value.

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Endless Inspiration: Turn those random shower thoughts into profitable products.

Constant Creativity: Keep coming up with new ideas that can be turned into classes, courses, e-books, and more.

Leverage Your Expertise: The advice you give away for free? That's your ticket to passive income.

From courses to classes to anything in between, YOU know stuff that people will pay for. I promise. 

  • The free advice you give away or the tips you have on your site can become a source of passive income for you

  • Your knowledge can be turned into classes, courses, PDFs, e-books, bundles and INCOME!

  • Classes are a great way to get in front of people and showcase your expertise (you DO have one, by the way…I’ll show you!)
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Transform your monthly income goals from dreams to reality – before even finishing the course!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS: Keep learning and growing at your own pace.
  • LEARN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Flexible learning tailored to your busy life.
  • AFFORDABLE: Just £149 for lifetime access.


Master the processes I use to make 5-figures from one product, alone.

There are only FOUR steps, so even the busiest of busy people can learn how to do this.

  • I walk you through the tech, step-by-step 

  • I show you an easy, cost-effective software you can use to host and sell your courses and e-books.

  • There are ways to create products on a tiny budget.

  • Places to market your product go way beyond a Facebook post and I’ll show you all of them

  • You'll learn how to create at least 3 different online products and get them out there on sale - what's not to love?

How the Online Products Made Easy Works

This is a self-study that is designed to make making money from online products like ebooks, courses, etc…EASY. No matter what industry you’re in

⭐ Once you sign up, you’ll get lifetime access to the course, as well as to our exclusive Facebook group and any future updates.

The content is set up so you can access it from your phone or anywhere (we’ve even built in subtitles so the whole house doesn’t need to know what you’re up to!), at any time you like. 

So the big question is...HOW MUCH COULD YOU MAKE FROM ONLINE PRODUCTS? Well, I've made you a calculator so you can work it out and see for yourself. Here, have a go!

Too busy? This self-led course is thorough, but it’s also quick and dirty! 

Even if you have kids, a household to run, and a 9-5 to work, you’ll be able to build your online product in minimal time!

What do we cover? 


Coming up with the winning online product idea


Learn how to create 3 different online products


How to host, sell & deliver your online products


How to grow an audience of buyers for your products.


Get rid of mind monkeys and make some  money

Don’t have the money to invest in a big course? Guess what!

I deliberately made this affordable for you. It's just £149. No brainer!



I’m Claire Mitchell, online product coach and founder of The Girls Mean Business.

And yes, while I DO make multiple-six figures in my business, I didn’t always. There was a time that I was pressed for time and money and I had to get my ideas out FAST so I could have the income I needed coming in to help feed and take care of our family. 

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I had to get scrappy. 

It took me a lot longer than I want to admit  to start making consistent money from online products, but that’s only because I had NO resource like this to show me how to make it happen quickly and easily.

That’s why I wanted to create this course. 

I don’t want it to take you as long as it took me. You need money coming in NOW, not in a couple of years!

Everything I did and still do on a regular basis is in this course so that you don’t have to second guess anything you’re doing. 

This course is where your journey to making an income from online products begins.

A £1400 launch!


Master the Art of Online Income Generation While You Sleep


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.