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Build a small, but mighty audience of buyers who adore you and wait for your programs to drop with the Claim Your Crown Bootcamp


I’m Claire Mitchell, Founder & CEO of The Girls Mean Business®, and, together, you and I are going to get you out of the shadows, out of hiding, so your buyers can finally SEE you and the fabulous programs you create for them

You know you can make an impact and help so many people but the fear of showing up…is real.

You watch everyone else’s Reels and think, “Why can’t I do that?”

You read their posts about the kajillion dollars (exaggerated for effect) they made this month and think, “Why can’t I do that?”

The fact is? 

You CAN.

I learned how to show up, be visible, BE MYSELF, be true to who I am, and made over £3M doing it. 

Do you think I’m special? 

Do you think I was BORN knowing how to get people to buy my stuff? 


I had to learn. 


And I’m going to teach you what I do to keep people buying.

You don’t have to have a list of 250M people to make money. You just need an audience of people who are willing to buy.

You’re going to learn how to grow an audience like that…the easy way. 


"I hit my sales target for 2022 and my sales have increased in 2022 by 29% since I began taking on Claire's wonderful marketing strategies."

Orla Dempsey - The Teacher Promotion Coach



"I've learned how to position myself with my Power Bio, value my worth, as an over-giver, and know that what I am offering is worthy of payment."

Natalie Crowe - Wordpress Expert at NCD Academy


No more being scared of marketing your business

No more looking left to right, thinking, “Her marketing is so polished. She’s flawless. I can’t compete with that.”

No more undercharging for your time and programs because you think that’s the only way people will buy.

I’m Going to Help You Do That

If you’ve been:

👑 Posting and posting and posting and still struggling to make more than a few sales here and there

👑Spending your days scrolling and “networking” because you’re really not sure WHAT or how or where to post

👑Thinking of pivoting but you’re stuck on the details…so you keep thinking and thinking and thinking…NOT doing 

👑Spinning your wheels because you had a new business or course idea and you’re not sure if you’re on the right track

👑Sitting in the shadows watching others do what you WANT to do, but are scared to do

👑Stuck in a rut in your business and need the feel that FIRE again so you WANT to show up again

Step Up & Claim Your Crown So You Can Spend More Time With the People You Love & Adore, Doing The Things You Love & Adore, Together.

  • 6 Detailed Modules to bring real change

  • 7 Group Coaching Calls to help up-level your business

  • Dedicated Facebook group for daily support

  • A bonus pack of Done-For-You goodies that would cost you thousands if you invested in it, alone

  • And…

Access to someone who creates light-touch courses that help people every single day, has made multiple six-figures doing it, and who is deeply invested in seeing you win. 

So much so that I’ve designed this program to be one that you MUST take action on. 

This NOT a program you will buy and stick on your digital shelf for eternity, never to think of it again.

Because, as it stands now if you continue the way you’re going, it will take you years to see results, losing vacation time, losing money, and losing your patience with everyone who is taking away from your business-building time.


You have what it takes to run a business that makes the money you want with Claim Your Crown



Position yourself as the QUEEN of your industry with your Power Bio and learn why you REALLY do have everything you need to run a successful business. Embrace your inner CEO and place that crown FIRMLY on your head!


Gather your people, who need you and are ready, willing, and able to buy RIGHT NOW. Build a small, loyal list of buyers and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your category. 


Create your light-touch offer suite. Learn how to LISTEN to your audience then create instant & consistent sellers with easy tech. No more hit-or-miss course or program creation. No more wasted time or money. 


Launch yourself on an unsuspecting world and be everywhere (or so it seems) with my V.I.S.I.B.L.E strategy. This is the same strategy I use to hit 5-figures on low-cost launches. VISIBILITY PLAN included!


Create a simple customer funnel to automatically pull in your ideal clients and nudge them along till they buy. And learn my special Funnel Maths process to keep you earning!


 Sell. Gather your riches. Build your wealth. All you need to do is get your mind about money on point and begin thinking like a TRUE CEO, instead of an employee in your own business.

I learned a LONG time ago that trying to do it all would keep me from doing ANYTHING. So I stopped.

I found 3 ways that work to put me and my products in front of my audience and those are my go-tos that I stick with. 

They are manageable and always create results. 

I’m going to share those 3 ways with you inside The Claim Your Crown Bootcamp, along with a bunch of other eye-opening strategies that are easy to implement and that work. You're going to love them.

Stop Overthinking

Claim Your Crown

Start Taking Action

What you WILL NOT find in the Claim Your Crown Bootcamp

FLUFF Content 

I don’t have time for that, and neither do you!

A Quick Fix

You and I both know that strategies that work are foundational, not trendy.


Everything you learn in here, I DO. I’m not teaching you theory. I’m teaching you PROVEN STRATEGIES & TACTICS.


  • Choose yourself (then the payment plan that will get you there!)

  • Get access to your dashboard to access your Goal-Setting Bonus Bundle

  • Join the Facebook group

  • Watch your calendar for the August 8th start

From August 8th to October 31st, you’ll have me and colleagues like you working towards the same goal. 

Coaching will happen every two weeks. Being on those calls with others will SPEED UP your progress as you hear my advice to them and see me answer questions you hadn't thought of. And you’ll have the group to get any and all questions answered in between calls. 

I am going to be RIGHT BESIDE YOU for this TRANSFORMATIONAL bootcamp.

Right. Beside. You. 

Whatever fears you have? Are going to become a thing of the past. 

Whatever doubt you have? Will become a distant memory. 

Whatever DREAM you have? Will be closer than ever.

You will CLAIM YOUR CROWN and become the QUEEN of the business that you see in your dreams.

Special Founder Pricing Until August 8th when the doors close until the next run, months from now.

Only £497 (£2497 Value) 

After August 8th, the price will go up to £997, so if you’ve ever wanted to work with a multi-6-figure coach who is as invested in you as you are…this is your chance!


Be one of the first 100 to pay £497 in full and get a gorgeous hard-cover journal to help document your journey and CLAIM YOUR CROWN.

Or Choose to pay in 3 Instalments of £175


"I've gone from messing about on social media to actually running a proper business. I've been trying for 10 years to get to this point but I finally feel like I'm on track to making a decent salary.

I've started charging for things I would've given away for free and no longer feel ashamed of asking for money for my expertise.

I wake up every morning thinking "how can I make more money today" rather than "why does no-one value my knowledge". Game-changer!"  Helen B

Why Me??

I’m Claire Mitchell, Founder & CEO of The Girls Mean Business®, a foundational marketing company that teaches small business owners how to do the things that feel the hardest in business: showing up & claiming their crowns. 


And I’m here to do that for you, too! 

Back in 2011, when I brought my business online, I had to learn the online marketing space, even though I had come from a brick & mortar marketing background. 

Claire Speaking

And one thing I learned very quickly is that there are A TON of marketers out there teaching get-rich-quick schemes and “trendy” marketing tactics that aren’t for everybody. 

I knew there was a better way. 

So I chose my path.

That path was to bring TRIED AND TRUE marketing skills to business owners who didn’t open their businesses to be employees but to be CEO’s and leaders who actually bring change to the world. 

On this path I’ve been walking, I’ve been honoured to help hundreds of thousands of business owners establish rock solid marketing that helps them build their dreams. 

£3M+ in sales says a lot and that’s why I know the Claim Your Crown Bootcamp is what you need to help you get out in front of your business, attracting an audience of buyers that you can create for, on repeat, too.


When you create the programs that your audience is literally asking for, you create sales before your program is even launched. 

You’ll learn how I do this time and time again in my business so you can do the same. 


Learn to calculate exactly what you need to do to generate the revenue you want in your business and take the guesswork out of hitting your targets each month. 

You’ll learn exactly how I moved from making £1000-£2000 per month to making £20K+ per month.
(This is NOT a claim, but an illustration of what you can do, should you decide!)


Learn how to stop running your business like a hobby and start strategically thinking like a CEO.

You’ll begin to see that there is money and the opportunity for sales EVERYWHERE.

“I feel like I've just won the lottery”

"I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. Honestly if you haven’t started this course yet, drop everything and start immediately it is THE best business course I have ever done and Claire is truly the Queen of Marketing.

On todays Zoom call I shared my idea and the feed back from Claire has smashed through some HUGE blockages I had with things that weren’t working in my business. They now all come together in a really sleek way with minimal effort from me.

I would pay triple for this course, putting what I’ve learnt into action as we go is already giving me more financial freedom and that dream house renovation is within touching distance!

 - CLAIRE CAUSTON - The Menopause Stylist


Is it lifetime access?


Who is this for?

Coaches, course creators and business owners who want to stand out and shine online. It's for you if you already have, or what to create, online training and make money while you sleep.

Do you teach the tech stuff?

Yes, I'll walk you through 2 different software options plus show you how to create, record, host and sell your digital products.


Can I watch the training offline?

Yes! Our Simplero app lets you download the training and watch it whenever and wherever you want, even offline.

If I pay in instalments, when are the modules released?

You will get 2 modules per month for 3 months.

How much time will I need to spend on this?

A couple of hours a week should do it however the more you spend, the quicker you'll get results.

When are the calls?

Every 2 weeks over the 90 days - 7 in total. Times and dates are to be confirmed. Replays will be available and you can submit questions in advance if you can't make the live calls.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

There are no refunds on my online training. You need to trust your intuition and only join if you are certain it's right for you. 

Can I ask you some questions about it?

Email my team at and they will happily answer your questions

If I'm one of the first 100 pay-in-full buyers, when do I get my Journal?

We will send it out to you, wherever you are in the world, week commencing 8th August. Make sure you add your mailing address when you order, so we can send out your journal asap.

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👑 6 Detailed modules to teach you how to be the QUEEN & CEO

👑 2 Coaching calls to help up-level your business…FINALLY

👑 A dedicated Facebook group for daily support

👑 Access to the coach who’s done what you want to do in your business so you know it’s possible


👑 A bonus pack of Done-For-You goodies that would cost you OVER £1500  if you invested in it, alone

👑 My done-for-you social media posts you can tailor to your business, to help you position yourself and stand out and...WITHOUT SPENDING HOURS doing it

👑 My done-for-you outlines and templates for Reels and Stories to use on Facebook and Instagram so you can cut your time in HALF with templates that you already know work

👑 My Canva templates for eye-catching carousels that encourage people to stay longer on your Instagram feed (the algorithm LOVES that and rewards it!)

👑 My done-for-you email templates and outlines to help you launch and market your offers efficiently and effectively…because I’ve done the work FOR you

👑 My fabulous done-for-you sales page formula that focuses on getting your reader to take action and that I have used to make millions

👑 My easy, proven £73K launch calendar with prompts so you can plan your successful launches

👑 My Canva mock-up templates that I use in my business to create stunning images make your programs feel even more valuable

👑 My fabulous 3-day challenge kit that will show you how to launch a challenge that brings in sales

👑 My easy and proven 27-minute webinar strategy that works, so you don’t spend MONTHS crafting an hour-long webinar that no one will sit through 

👑 My simple Free Membership Method strategy to bring in a HOST of buyers for your business

👑 My cool 17/27 upsell strategy to optimise your sales funnel so you make as much money as possible…with as little effort as possible


Only £497
Founder pricing ENDS August 8th


Be one of the first 100 to pay £497 in full and get a gorgeous hard-cover journal to help document your journey and CLAIM YOUR CROWN.

Or Choose to pay in 3 Instalments of £175

This program with all of its bonuses is a £2497 programme.

The sales & revenue increase that you’re about to see in your business makes this offer a no-brainer. 

But hurry because when the doors close on Aug 8th, the £497 pricing disappears. And in a few months, pricing will go to £997 when we open up for the next round of intakes.

👑 Claim Your Crown

👑 Get V.I.S.I.B.L.E

👑 Grow Your Audience

👑 Turn What THEY Need Into Profit In Your Business

👑 Become the Strategy-Minded QUEEN & CEO Who Sees Sales Opps Everywhere

So that 90 days from now?

👑 You will be THE ONE  👑

👑 Be The One They Remember

👑 Be The One They Buy From

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.