Which Online Product is Best For My Business?

Which Online Product is Best For My Business?

Yes, I know you want ALL the online products but you have to start somewhere and not all online products are right for everyone. Do you enjoy making videos? Are you more comfortable writing and using Canva? Do you like talking over slides? Or making product demos?

Here are a few things to consider when you’re deciding where to start with online products. My best advice is don’t overthink it, pick ONE and create it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to teach your clients what you said you would teach them. Do the best you can with what you have, just start.

  1. E-Book: If writing is your thing, an e-book is a great place to start. The thing about e-books is they are not ‘just’ a PDF (although you can create them as a PDF in Canva). They are a teaching resource, they give your buyer a path from A to B via your knowledge. That means you need to price them accordingly. Think about what the reader will learn and what it will do for them, when you are pricing your e-book. Also, if you remember my marketing planners, I used to offer a PDF version to be used on iPad or printed off. You could also create an e-book like that. Just FYI I would sell them for £19.99 because it’s not ‘just’ a book.

  2. Masterclass: A masterclass is just a class or workshop but Masterclass sounds better! This is where you take a topic and teach it either straight to camera on your phone or webcam OR create slides and teach over them. You can either do them live or record them (if you’re presenting live make sure you record it too). That way you can sell the replay over and over. It’s easy to use something a video editor to chop off the ‘hellos’ at the beginning and the goodbyes at the end (tip: tell attendees you will not look at their questions until the end, so you don’t get distracted or interrupted and you can always neatly chop off the questions bit later if you want).

  3. E-Course: It’s a course, on email! If your teaching works well in small steps, why not set up an e-course that sends out a daily email with links to teaching videos on YouTube or just gives instructions and homework over a 10, 21 or 30-day period? Most email marketing tools like Mailerlite will let you set up automations to do this.

  4. Mini-Course: Rather than recording a HUGE course or even a very long masterclass, think about creating a mini-course that’s made up of bite-sized videos, audios and text lessons. These are easy to work through in your own time so lots of buyers like this format. You will probably find it’s easier for you to create, too.

  5. V-Book: A V-Book is like an e-book but with video. I’ve created them easily in Canva before - choose ‘website’ as the option, add your text and videos then share the link to view the v-book once someone has paid.

There is no ‘best’ option other than the best option for you. Think about what will be quick and easy for you to create. Any of these formats work brilliantly as long as you get the topic right for your buyers. If you want more help on creating and selling online products, my ONLINE PRODUCTS MADE EASY course is right up your street. Click the link and have a look - it’s a great way to get you up and running without the scary bits.


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