Is This Fear Killing Your Sales?

Is This Fear Killing Your Sales?

Let me tell you about a nasty, insidious little fear that weaves its way into your life and stops you realising your potential. It stops you being visible and shouting about your business. It stops you pricing properly. It definitely stops you getting sales and making more money.

What is this destructive, income-blocking fear?

It’s a fear of JUDGEMENT.

It might have started when you were a child with a comment from someone about 'don't do that, what will people think?' and before you know it, you're so worried about what people think that you're playing small, hiding your light, not putting your best work out there for fear of what people think.



Who ARE these people and why do they scare us so much???

When you really drill into this, it becomes clear that these people are nobody in particular, and definitely no-one important.

'People' might be your friends, family, neighbours or old workmates. Are you going to let THEM dictate your life? Are you going to let the fear of their disapproval or scorn stop you creating magic in your business and transforming people's lives?


'People' might be strangers on the internet, trolls or competitors or people who see what you post. Random strangers who don't have anything to do with your life.

Do you care what they think? Really? Why? Are you going to let them stop you? I hope not.

'People' might be your email subscribers
- some of them might not be a good fit, some of them might be a great match. The bad-fit people will unsubscribe when you start showing up in their inbox (which is a GOOD thing) and the rest will stick around to see what's coming.

'People' might be your super-customers, who need and crave what you offer. They are watching and waiting for you to be visible and show them why you're perfect for them. Are you scared of them? Why? They will love everything you do.
The thing about fear of judgement or imposter syndrome, or whatever you want to call is it's vague. The fear is real but the subject of the fear is blurry, it's just PEOPLE.

Once you start really digging into the PEOPLE bit of it, your fear shows itself as irrational (but you knew that anyway). Turns out you're just scared of what might happen, of the unknown, which is fine as long as you don't let that stop you.

What's the worst that can happen if you show your personality on your Facebook page? Or you do a few lives? Or you send an email? What's the worst that can happen if someone leaves a crappy comment on a post?

Can I tell you?

The worst that can happen is that you let it get to you. That you let that experience feed and justify that insidious little fear - 'see? I told you that would happen, don't do it again'.

The worst that can happen is that you stop doing what you're here to do because some 'person' decided today was a good day to make a snarky comment that actually has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

The BEST that can happen?

Well, when you decide to show up and shine the best that can happen is you show up like a beacon for your super customers.

They see your post or your email or your live and say THIS! THIS IS WHAT I NEED! And they become loyal fans who go on to buy when the time is right.

And somewhere in between the best and the worst is the PROBABLY.

What will probably happen is you'll get no response or reaction. Nothing good, nothing bad because you'll be finding your way and you'll probably still be quite cautious, and you might not be 100% yourself. It will come, though.

The more of yourself you add into your marketing, the more reactions you will get, good and bad. And that's fine. The bad can be blocked and deleted and forgotten about. The good can be embraced and nurtured and celebrated.

A great way to deal with a fear of judgement is to journal about it. Use 'what would I do in my business and life if I wasn't afraid of what people think?' and 'what's the worst that can happen if I do what I'm scared of doing in my business?' and 'who and what am I afraid of and why?'. Keep writing until you run out of words.

Then take a deep breath and make a decision to NOT let fear of judgement stop you. To shine and help those who need you, because that's what you're here to do.

You're amazing.


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