Is This Delaying Your 10K Months?

Is This Delaying Your 10K Months?

One of the biggest mistakes I see in people who are trying to hit 10K months in their business is they are S.L.O.W. 

And to hit those kinds of numbers in your business, you have to be FAST. 

What I mean is, when you see a need open up, you have to fill it and fill it fast. That means get your idea sorted and get it out there before someone else does or before the need has been fulfilled. 

SPEED is the name of the game in 10K months. 

Because money LOVES speed. 

But most people are slowed down by: 

  • Their fear of getting it wrong or of being seen or some other dastardly reason

  • Lack of knowledge of how to develop their idea, of how to market it so their people will find it, or how to make money before even making the course/class/etc

  • Being distracted by outside influences or shiny objects

  • Trying to learn from and piece together other people’s strategies, random blogs and videos 

And more…

The goal here is to figure out what you need to do to SPEED up your creative process so you can get on the path to 10K months NOW. 

You can totally do this. 

Here are some ways you can SPEED UP your creative process and get more online products out there, on sale and creating an income.

  1. Ditch perfectionism.

    Your online training doesn't need to be posh or fancy, it just needs to do the job. In other words, it needs teach people how to do what you said you'd teach them.

  2. Keep it simple.

    You can record it on a smartphone, take payment with Stripe or PayPal and give buyers access to the recording in Google folders or Dropbox. When you're ready, you can invest in software to take payments and give access.

  3. Listen for cues.

    What are people in your Facebook groups asking for? What are people around you saying they would love to know? What do you keep getting asked? Take these as cues to create an online product. This is exactly how my Done-For-You Launch Kit, my Money Loves Speed Challenge, my Online Products Made Easy course and, in fact, pretty much every class and course I’ve ever created came about. And not unsurprisingly, because people have asked for them I always get sales when I create them.

  4. Sell, then build.

    To validate your idea quickly and stop you wasting time creating something that’s not going to sell, sell it BEFORE you build it. Especially if it’s a class or mini-course that will only take you a couple of hours to create at most. Get it out there on sale, market it like you mean it and tell them the class will be available on X date (give yourself a day or two to get it done]. Again I do this with most of my classes and courses of all prices because it makes sense - why would I create something nobody wants to buy? This way I know they want it because they bought it in advance. If people buy, you have to create it - some urgency works wonders for your business. If nobody buys after all your marketing, don’t create it and instead move onto the next idea, FAST.

If you can get into the habit of working fast, it gives you so many opportunities to create products your audience needs and wants, while making money. It doesn’t take that many sales to build to 10K months but heck, even if you make an extra few hundred or a couple of thousand it is not to be sniffed at.

This is how I built up my business back in the day and I still do it now. Money loves speed.


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