Picture the scene: You have an AMAZING product ready to go. You created it because you KNOW your people need it.

You designed it around their needs, to help them get from where they are now to where they want to be. It can change lives, including your own when the sales start rolling in.

You commit to launching it. You do a big 'ta-dah!' on your page. You cross your fingers and hope for the best.


You send an email.


You decide everyone must hate you and it, so you don't bother. The end.

I HEAR OF PEOPLE DOING THIS ALL THE TIME and it doesn't need to be that way!

Here are some tips to get better launches.

  1. Involve your audience in the journey from the minute you get the product idea. Take them with you. Share your plans. Tell us what you're working on. Share milestones. Share your excitement. Create an audience of people who are totally invested in your product and can't wait to buy it.

  2. Don't disappear for weeks/months to build the product and then pop up with a 'ta-dah!' because a) we've probably forgotten who you are after your long absence and b) any visibility you had on social media before has lost traction when you didn't show up.

  3. When you launch you need to put in more effort and become more visible. One post and one email won't hack it. You need to launch YOURSELF on an unsuspecting world. Shout about the amazing product you've created and why you love it AND WHO IT'S FOR AND HOW IT WILL HELP THEM. Post often. Do videos. Send an email launch sequence.

  4. You have to email more than usual. When I'm launching I ramp up my emails and towards the deadline I'll email twice, sometimes three times a day using very specific tactics. Do some people unsubscribe? Yes! Does it stop me? No! Why? Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I launch, right after the cart closes I ALWAYS get more than one person saying 'OH NO! I just saw your offer, can I still get it?'. I've been launching for 30 days but some people literally don't see it until the last day.

  5. It will mess with your head. Most people buy right at the start and right at the end of the launch. You need to maintain momentum right the way through that launch period, so everyone who needs to know, knows. Keep a steady stream of engaging, beneficial content going out throughout that time, even if nobody is buying. It all adds up and your business will become more visible to ideal customers, even if this particular product is not for them. In my launches I share TONS of amazing advice designed to help my audience. Even if they can't join my programme right now, they still get LOADS of helpful content designed to get them moving forwards.

  6. You may get the odd snarky comment about posting or emailing too much. IGNORE IT. You are running a business and your clients need you - your job is to be visible, so they can find you. If someone doesn't like it, they can unfollow and unsubscribe (or you can do it for them). Remember, during your launches you are sharing amazing content and helping people, while making an offer that will change the lives of the right people. You are not spamming or pestering. You are helping.

If launches feel weird and overwhelming, that's normal at first, especially if you're not usually that active on the marketing front.

They get easier and you get better, the more you do.

Me? I LOVE them and I have AMAZING launches, because I can't not. I have everything in place to ensure I only have amazing launches, including my launch mindset.

You can do this. Do not let launch fear stop you. If you want my help, I created my Done-For-You Launch Kit to help you do what I do, and it works. My clients have amazing launches too - yours could be next!


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