From 20K In Debt to 10K Months

From 20K In Debt to 10K Months

Can you imagine not making payroll for your team? 

It’s horrifying.

People were relying on me. But our biggest client shut their doors and took my business with it. 

I couldn’t pay the bills. 

We stripped back to nothing. I was running everywhere trying to make it work, but things were never going to be the same. 

I had one week left to get myself together. 

That’s when I decided that my brick-and-mortar business was going to become an online business. 

I had NO idea how the online world worked. I did, however, know how to market. 

So, I began teaching people how to do what I knew how to do. 

At that point, I was £20K in debt and feeling like a failure. 

But I knew I could help people. So I started reading blogs and watching videos, and networking with people. 

It took time. A lot of it.

And the whole while I was trying to get my real-world bearings straight in an online world, while raising a toddler.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Learned how to sell what I know in a brand new arena

  • Sold well over £3M

  • Helped thousands of small business owners create the businesses they love

Let me give you my biggest takeaways from that journey.

1) Know your money. Track your money.

These days I do a cashflow forecast every Monday morning, as soon as I sit at my desk. I have a sales forecast that’s always open and we track our sales every single day. We know how much is due each day via payment plans and how much we are short of our daily target. If we need to boost it, we either create something in advance that will create cash OR see how we feel on the day and make an amazing, irresistible offer that feels like fun.

2) Put away your tax money and don’t touch it

In those days I had a great system, I put money away for taxes but I burned through it trying to keep the business afloat, leaving me in debt to the tune of 20K to the tax man. Today we put away our tax and VAT money every day so it’s there waiting when we come to pay our bills.

3) Don’t let things slide.

If I knew then what I know now I would have cut my losses, sacked that client the second month they missed their payment and made more excuses (one month is unfortunate, 2 months is a no-go). Whether you work in a physical service business as I did then (marketing agency) or you’re coaching online, the same rules apply. Oh, and I would have quickly whipped up some online training my audience needed and NOT gone into debt.

4) You can ALWAYS make money, fast.

I just didn’t know it back then. If you run a business, especially in coaching you can whip up a quick class or workshop on your phone or computer, put together slides and worksheets in Canva, create a payment link in Stripe or PayPal and tell everyone in your audience it’s available. The more irresistible and compelling the topic, the more you will sell and it’s EVERGREEN. In other words you create it once and sell the recording over and over, even in your sleep.

These days in my business I can make 10K per month standing on my head, in fact it’s already there for the next year because I have payment plans already in place, bringing in that amount. You can create a business like that too - I’ve got loads of ways to help you including my 10K Month Bootcamp coming February 2023. Can’t wait!

Love, Claire xx


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