Set Targets And Make More Money

Set Targets And Make More Money

One of the best lessons I ever learned was how to set and hit sales targets. Because, when I was starting out, I would just run my business and hope I got sales. It turned out that when you’re shooting for 10K months, you can’t do that. 

But you also can’t just pick an arbitrary number out of the air. 

You need to know what’s realistic, what’s not, what you NEED, and what’s more than enough. 

Then you can create a goal for yourself to work toward each and every month. Then?

You can take DELIBERATE sales actions. 

If you have a business goal to up-level this year, you don’t want to just continue to leave that to chance.

At first, I didn’t even think about targets.

I was marketing every day. Meeting new people. Spending hours and hours in social media. I was inside socials more than I was with the people I love.

And I always managed to scrape by but that was all. And honestly, I got sick of scraping by. I wanted to see a return for all that time I was spending.

After a few months of spinning my wheels, I decided to do something about it. Then it hit me!!

”This is not how BUSINESS OWNERS operate!” I was running my business like a hobby, a hobby that took up all of my time, energy and resources. But that’s not how the big brands make their sales. They don’t even SELL. They HIT TARGETS.

Once I realised this I had to start thinking like a business owner and taking this thing seriously, or I was going to stay right where I was, working too many hours for too little money.

So I began setting a sales target for the next few months based on earning more than the £1200 per month I was scraping together.

I didn’t go mad, I just “upped it” to see if I could hit £2K per month, but working more efficiently, so I wasn’t heading for burnout.

  • £2000 per month.

  • Then I broke it down.

  • £500 per week.

  • £100 per day.

Then I did my ‘how many ways’ exercise and worked out how many different ways I could make £100 per day, consistently. Some were products I already had. Some were things I could put together, fast. Either way, it felt easy.

And a funny thing started to happen.

I started hitting my targets. Then exceeding them.

The work I was doing to hit £100 per day or £2K per month got me visible.

I was marketing every day but I wasn’t working my fingers to the bone.

I was marketing strategically, building my list, engaging my social media fans and creating useful blogs that my audience loved. But I was no longer doing it willy nilly. There was a rhyme and a reason to everything I did now.

That £100 per day crept up because of that strategic thinking. And I was easily hitting my £2K per month target.

Heck, with my new strategy I made over £3K in one week from a product and website I pulled together over a weekend.

Setting targets gave me FOCUS so I could funnel the energy I was using, rather than spraying and praying, as they say.

When I broke down those targets I set, they felt MANAGEABLE and ACHIEVABLE. I tracked them every day. I still do.

And when something feels manageable and achievable and you’re focused on making it happen, hitting targets becomes second nature.

So, if you want to grow your business, start by setting monthly targets. Start now. Set a target for the rest of this month, then break it down into weeks and days.

Then work out what you could sell to hit those targets and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Here’s to smashing your targets and transforming lives.


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