How to Attract New Clients

How to Attract New Clients

Are you sitting waiting for your potential clients to find you? I mean, you have your beautiful website, you post a bit on social media, you write the occasional blog - you’re bound to appear on Google in a search at some point, surely?

Hmm, don’t hold your breath!

You can't wait for people to find you when you’re barely showing up.

You need to launch yourself on an unsuspecting world.

This is what I did back in the day and it still works now. This is what I help my clients to do.

1. Decide which crown you are going to claim. Who are you and what do you stand for? What do want to be known as and for? I decided to be the marketing queen at The Girls Mean Business. Nowadays I'm the Online Product Coach (with chickens ).

2. Get out there and tackle the key issues for your clients. Be highly visible. Front-load your content - be everywhere until you start to get traction. And listen to what your audience needs.

3. Offer a paid solution. For me it was a bigger course because that's what my audience needed at the time. The next one was a £99 30-day course and £10/month membership. I've created hundreds of online products since then and made a lot of money by helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

4. Get ONE client. Then get one more client. Build your client base one person at a time. 100K years start with one client and one transformation.

5. Keep showing up, keep shining bright. Be consistent. Create content that talks to the people you want to work with, so they see it and it resonates with them. You want them to feel like they just found their much-needed solution - which they did.

6. Marketing takes time. If you need a quick cash generator, offer lightning-coaching sessions focused on specific outcomes WHILE staying focused on your big goal.

7. Believe in yourself. Trust your ability. Trust your knowledge. Don't let fear or doubt stop you. When you know how to create online products you will always have a way to make money fast, whenever you need or want to.

Love, Claire xx


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