Your Time Should Be The Last Thing You Sell

Your Time Should Be The Last Thing You Sell

When you start out teaching what you know, the temptation is to do 1-to-1 coaching because it feels like a way to get money quickly and ease yourself into it, rather than building a course.⁠

Let me tell you something. Your time should be the last thing you sell.⁠

It's your most precious resource, along with your health and if you rely on selling your time a few things will happen:⁠

1. You will cap your earnings because you'll run out of time to sell. ⁠

2. You will get caught in the time trap where you don't have time to create the courses and other products that would free you from selling your time.⁠

3. You will be at risk of burning out and if you fall ill, your income goes.⁠

You need to get to a position where your time is the most expensive thing you sell, not the cheapest or the only thing. It needs to be protected and valued.⁠

In order for that to happen, you have to value it first.⁠

You also need to think about giving people different ways to access you that don't involve your 1-to-1 time and attention. ⁠

Things like online courses and workshops, e-books, classes, memberships and at a free level blogs and videos.⁠

Your mind monkeys will go crazy when you start thinking about this but it's important to think this way now before you start selling your time for peanuts and creating problems you will have to undo later.⁠

Love, Claire xx

PS: I have loads of training on this in my SIX FIGURE FABULOUS membership, including ‘THE LEVEL-UP METHOD’ where I show you how to price and structure your online offers so you don’t burn out.


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