My Six-Figure Secret Formula

My Six-Figure Secret Formula

Have you ever wondered what it takes to grow a really big business, one that makes you 100k per year or more (we're talking profit, not sales)?

There are loads of elements to it if I'm honest, and it takes time to grow.

Everything has an impact:

  • from the type of website you have, the plugins you use, the software you choose,

  • the words you write, the things you sell and the offers you make to name just a few...

  • but they really all boil down to a few key things you need to get right.

  • You don't need to have it all perfect from day one but you do need to start as you mean to go on.

So, for what it's worth, these are the three biggest elements that make up most 6-figure businesses.


Get really solid foundations in place - make sure you know who you are, who you serve and what your business does.

If you try to build and scale your business without knowing these things, you are going to get really confused and really overwhelmed very quickly, as soon as you start trying to build your audience and create things to sell.

The clever systems and processes come with time. You have to start somewhere – so start with your WHO, WHAT and WHY?

  1. Who is your best-fit customer?

  2. What do they need from you?

  3. Why should they choose you?

1. So in my case, my best-fit Super Customers are small business owners who have a whole bunch of knowledge and are prepared to invest time, money and energy turning that knowledge into online products to sell. That knowledge might be around a particular topic or it might be about how to grow a business like their own. They don't necessarily want to give up their existing business, they are just keen to add another income stream that is relatively passive and not dependent on their time (other than creating and marketing their online products).

2. They don't know how to do this so they need someone to show them.

3. They want to learn from someone who has done this successfully and can teach them in an easy-to-understand way - someone like them who is down to earth and 'normal' rather than a larger-than-life coach whose teaching feels unattainable . That's why they come to me.

Once you know these things, you can build your marketing around them. Your products and services will be designed to help that specific type of person, giving them shortcuts and help to do things they would struggle to do alone.

Your marketing – website, emails, blogs, social media – will speak to that person, addressing their challenges, fears, dreams and goals and showing you can help them get past their blocks and achieve what they want.


The next thing you need to do is grow your community.

  • Grow your EMAIL LIST in particular, although having an engaged community on social media is also really useful.

  • So in years two and three of my business, I spent a good 12 -18 months building my community on Facebook and REALLY building my email list.

  • I created loads of really good content, so that people could see what I do, what I share and what I teach.

  • My aim is always to engage my specific Super Customer at different points on their journey through sharing great-quality free stuff and
    encouraging them to sign up to my newsletter list so I can carry on building that relationship with them away from fickle social media.

  • Oh, and while I'm doing this, I’m building my not only my community but also my profile and my credibility.

You cannot go from zero to having a six figure business if you don’t build a responsive, engaged community. It doesn't have to be a big community - you can make a great living from a relatively small list and community if you have the right people in there.

How do you build a community?

  • Sadly, there isn’t really a shortcut for this, because you can’t buy a community.

  • If you buy email lists, then they’ve not bought into you or subscribed to you, they haven’t said “Oh, I love what she does, I’m going to get on her newsletter list", so they’re not going to be as responsive as the people who have bought into you.

  • You need to spend some time putting the groundwork in, building your community and building your list by creating engaging, helpful free content that speaks to your Super Customers and makes them want more.

  • You need to give them every reason to sign up for your newsletter and you need to make it EASY to do so - add sign-up boxes and incentives to all your blogs, your social media, your website, anywhere your Super Customers are engaging with you.

  • See if you can get into the media - in magazines, newspapers, as a guest blogger, on radio or TV.

  • Every time you do this, it adds to your credibility and gets your business in front of new people, outside of your own network.

It takes time...but if you have solid foundations and know exactly whom you want to attract, you will have a good idea of HOW to attract them.


If you have the first 2 things in place, all that's left to do is keep going.

It's going to take time to build a list and a good social media following but you do it a day at a time. Creating a 100k business isn't going to happen overnight but it can happen. People like you are doing it every day.

  • You are going to have doubts.

  • It's going to feel like really hard work.

  • Oftentimes, you'll feel like nobody is watching or listening to you, that you're talking to the wall and you'll never get anyone to buy but if you keep going, keep helping people by putting out amazing content, keep building your list, keep showing up, the magic will start to happen.

  • One day you'll put out an offer and a couple of people will buy. That's how it starts. I sold 4 of my very first online product in a week, but that first product was a £1000 product and I'd spent 4 months building my community, my profile and my credibility like crazy.

Can You Do It?

Yes, you can.

It doesn't matter what business you have.

You have knowledge in your head that people will pay for because it will help them shortcut their own path and help them achieve their goals quicker.

Knowledge has a value to the right people. I'm going to be sharing a whole bunch of help, tips and advice, some free, some paid, to help you shortcut YOUR learning and achieve your goals quicker.


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