Are You Talking Yourself Out Of Money?

Are You Talking Yourself Out Of Money

You are going to talk yourself out of perfectly good online-product ideas all the time.

You will overthink and overanalyse.

Your mind monkeys will convince you nobody will buy what you are selling.

You will worry that your prices are too high or too low.

Your self-doubt will kick in and you will feel you're not good enough.

Perfectionism will stop you making the videos or creating the ebooks.

You will tell yourself you're not good on video.

Imposter syndrome will strike and you'll just know deep down that someone, sometime soon is going to 'out' you as a fraud.

You'll worry nobody will buy and your business will fail.

And that good idea you had - the one that could help so many people, who would love to know what you know and will happily pay to learn from you? It will stay in your head.

It will stay there, niggling you as you keep talking yourself out of creating it.

It will sit there, bugging you as you see the people you could have helped, buying from others who are not as good as you.

Can you get over yourself and stop that now, please?

That idea needs to be out here, helping people and making you money.

Pick the quickest, easiest way to make it happen.

Record that class on your phone today. Create that ebook in Canva today. Get it on sale today.

Yes, I'm talking to you. Did it help?

Love, Claire xx


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