How to Make Every Launch Amazing


You know how it goes. You create your amazing product or service and you’re all excited to launch it, so you head over to social and your emails and do a big ‘TA-DAH!’ and if you’re lucky, people buy.

So you do it again the next day and if you’re lucky, a few more people buy. You do it again and nobody buys - 3 days in and you’re floundering and wondering if that’s it? Is that the sum total of the sales I’m going to get for this launch?

‘I can’t email again’ you tell yourself ‘or people will think I’m a horrible salesy pest’

But your offer is available for a while yet, your cart doesn’t close for a couple of weeks - what are you going to do when you’ve already got launch fatigue?

Launch fatigue is real and it happens in 2 situations:

1. You're doing a LONG launch 

2. You're doing FREQUENT launches

Let’s talk about ‘Long Launch’ Fatigue.

Long launches, from 3 weeks onwards can feel like hard work. You have to maintain momentum for weeks while encouraging people to buy. 

You feel like you're always selling and you run out of new ways to say 'buy this thing' in emails and on social. You know most people buy on the first and last days and you're basically filling the gap in between, which doesn't feel great.

That's Long Launch Fatigue. It’s been the cause of many a ‘meh’ launch that didn’t do as well as expected.

So what can you do to stop it happening again?

The solution is to stop thinking of it as selling.

You're not selling, you're helping. 

The content you put out in that launch period is designed to help potential clients identify that they need you, see that they have an issue or problem (and that it's not just them) and that you have the solution.

You raise questions and answer them, you talk about your experiences and those of your clients, you bust myths and tackle doubts, you highlight red flag areas and manage expectations, you show them it's possible to get past their blocks.

You're helping them. 

Then, in the final few days of the launch you actively sell by emphasising deadlines and encouraging them to take action and invest in this thing that will help them get the results they desperately want or need. You can’t help them unless they take action and people are sometimes reluctant or hesitant to finally tackle their big ‘thing’. It can feel scary, especially if they have lived with this issue for a long time. Change is scary. Growth can feel scary. Their mind monkeys are having a field day.

Your job is to help them recognise that they are ready, that it’s time and that the only way they are going to create change is to actively do something about it - and that you are offering to help them do just that, in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

Do you see how this feels very different to simply ‘doing a launch sequence’? These are real people, human beings with fears and worries and scepticism (yes, but will it work for ME?). It’s not just a launch sequence, it’s a period of care, nurturing, allaying fears, reassurance, inspiration, encouragement and a bit of tough talk to get them to see there is a better way.

Long Launch Fatigue doesn’t even figure because you’re not just on a 3-week sales push, you are helping people who need you and you have an amazing offer that will help them even more, if they want it.

The beauty of this approach is that all that ‘super-visibility’ marketing you’re doing is working magic. None of it is wasted. People will see it, who weren’t previously aware of you. They might not be ready yet to buy, but they will recognise that they need you and they will become part of your audience. When they are ready to buy, they will buy from you.

Then there's Frequent Launch Fatigue where you feel like ALL YOU DO IS LAUNCH.

AND you seem to get mediocre results, regardless.

So, if you feel like you no sooner finish one launch, then you're into another - why is that happening? 

It's probably because you're not making enough money on each launch, right? If you were, you could plan bigger gaps in between to work ON your business and do the things you'd usually do when you're not launching. 

The solution is to have better launches and make more money on each one, instead of flitting from one lukewarm launch to another. 

That means you need to launch like you mean it. 

  • It means thinking like a business owner, planning out what you're going to say and do, and when.

  • It means looking at each day's results and seeing what piece of marketing worked and what didn't. 

  • It's looking at email click throughs and web traffic and data. You'll see what works and you can do more of it. 

  • It's about being highly visible. It's about showing up more, posting more, emailing more, videoing more so you actually appear in the busy feed of your potential buyers. 

  • It's about being prepared to email and post even more in the final few days of launch, knowing that no matter how much you do there will still be some people who forget to take action or aren't even aware of it until after the deadline. 

It’s about doing all the things I told you in the first half of this blog.

If you want better launches you need to make every launch count. It’s about learning and adjusting. It’s about not letting fear or doubt take over and instead letting the data guide you.

  • Plan and focus on every launch as you do it.

  • Set targets.

  • Do what you need to do to hit them instead of giving up after a couple of days because ‘nobody is buying’.

  • Keep going even if the numbers aren’t stacking up yet. They will if you keep going.

The odds are you just haven’t been visible enough OR you’re targeting the wrong people. Both are fixable.

Launch fatigue happens, I know because I’ve been in both the situations I described UNTIL I realised what was happening and fixed it. These days all my launches are amazing. They can’t not be. I created a system that works and that I use on all my launches. Oh, and you can get your hands on it, because I took my system, added content, training and explanations so it’s super easy to use and adapt. I called it the Done-For-You Launch Kit and you can get it here. Here’s to amazing launches every time!


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