How to Create a Membership With NO Content


A membership with no content? Is there such a thing? Actually YES and not just one type, there are LOADS of ways to create a membership with no content.

Let’s take a step back. You probably have a fixed idea of what an online membership IS. And I’m guessing you think it involves logging into a site somewhere and finding a bunch of classes and courses waiting for you, with maybe a monthly coaching call too. And yes, that’s how lots of memberships work but not all of them.

Because, here’s the thing.

Not all clients want training.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t join a membership.

This is exactly what happened with my clients Anne Gage, the Horseriding Confidence Coach. Anne knew she wanted a membership in her business but her clients did not want training. They wanted access to Anne.

Her clients are women who have lost their confidence in riding but are desperate to get back on their beloved horse and enjoy riding again. That’s what Anne helps them do (she’s a genius at it). But they didn’t want to watch videos or get trained. They wanted to ask Anne questions and get her help on situations in their life.


So, Anne watched my training and decided to create a membership with no content, just 2 x group Zoom calls each month and guess what? She got members. And they stayed. Look!

Image says "It's coming up to the first anniversary of my membership. I started it after investing in Claire Mitchells' 90 Day Membership Launch Course. And I've made back almost 7 times that investment in the past 12 months.

This membership works brilliantly for Anne because it takes no preparation. She simply helps her members on the calls. And not all members turn up to every call but Anne records the Zooms and puts them into an online space where her members can access the replays. What started out as a no-content membership has developed into a bank of valuable coaching videos that future members can access.


A ‘critique’ membership is one where clients submit work to you and you give them feedback. Among my clients there are HOMEWORK CLUB critique memberships, COPYWRITING critique memberships, THERAPY TRAINING critique memberships and MUSIC PRACTISE critique memberships.

In each case the member submits either a piece of written work or a video of them demonstrating something (a massage technique or them playing a piece of music) and the membership owner gives feedback.

Most of these have a limit of, say', one piece a week or 3-4 a month so it’s manageable and not open to abuse but honestly, if you have students learning and wanting feedback this type of membership could be perfect for you.

As with the CALLS ONLY membership there is no preparation, you simply respond to what is sent to you and send it back.


Yes, you can literally start a membership with a calendar. How? Well, most of my memberships have started this way! Here’s what I do:

  1. Come up with an idea for a membership and float it with my audience on social media and email

  2. Tell them our first call will be on a certain date (in the calendar) and to jump in quick if they want the earlybird price

  3. The call is usually within 2 weeks and is focused around a certain theme

  4. We all turn up to the Zoom or the Facebook live and I find out what they need help with

  5. Then, I can either:

    1. give them access to previous training I’ve done on the topic or

    2. quickly create a recording on my phone answering their questions or

    3. create a quick bundle for them in Canva or

    4. write the email templates they are struggling with in Google Docs or

    5. create social media or e-book templates for them in Canva

None of these things are time-consuming, onerous or clunky. They are all bite-sized, easy to follow and quick to implement. I create my content on the fly, based on what my members need.

Other types of membership with no content include the COMMUNITY-ONLY membership, for example an online business club that gets together purely for networking or a MASTERMIND membership, where you meet online with your mastermind members once or twice a month and each member gets time with you and with others for brainstorming. With a mastermind membership your numbers would naturally be limited to ensure everyone gets enough time on the calls, but because of that it’s a higher value.

So, hopefully you can see that memberships can be quick and easy to create, especially if you don’t have to prepare content for them. And no-content memberships can work in any industry, so think about how it could work for you.

Do you have a no-content membership? Tell me about it in the comments!


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