5 Easy Ways to Get Your First Members

5 easy ways to get your first members

Getting your first members starts way before your membership is open. When you do it my way you have members waiting to join when the doors open, which is always a lovely thing.

  1. Start before you are ready

In the days or weeks after you come up with your membership idea, you need to build a buzz and create a feeling of excited anticipation for what is to come. 

Bring your audience along on the journey. Share your thoughts on the name of your membership, ask for votes or opinions. Talk about what type of membership it will be and who it’s for. If you’re creating a logo for it, share it on your social media. Don’t just turn up on the day the membership opens after a period of silence (while you built it al behind the scenes) and do a big ‘ta-dah!’ Or you have missed out on a whole bunch of marketing opportunities along the way. 

2. Founding Member Offer

Create a special ‘founding member’ offer for those first joiners. Give a deadline for the offer to create urgency and don’t make it any longer than 10 days or it won’t feel urgent enough. Usually this is a lower membership rate that these members retain for the duration of their membership, even though the price will go up in the future. Talk about it everywhere, send emails, post on socials, use social stories with a countdown timer. Market like you mean it.

3. Can I Pick Your Brains?

How often do you get asked this or something similar? This is your chance to point them to your membership. It will be less expensive than a 1:1 and they can still access you on group calls or in your Facebook group if you have one. Imagine if all those past brain-pickers had been directed to your membership.

4. Go out to current clients

Your existing clients are your best source of new members. They have worked with you, they know, like and trust you and have already spent money with you. Your membership can give them continuity and an affordable way to keep working with you between other courses or VIP sessions.

5. Get in Front of New Audiences

See if you can find other business owners offering non-competing services who would love the idea of a guest teacher speaking to their clients or Facebook group members. 

Come up with a compelling topic to teach, that will help their clients and be a natural lead-in to your membership and ask your host to let you mention your membership after your teaching slot is over.

There are lots of ways to get new members and these are just a few easy ones.

The main thing you need to do though, is FOCUS on your membership. Where you put your attention is where the magic happens so be consistent with your marketing and keep bringing your audience on the journey. Share the excitement of your new members, let non-members know what they are missing, share your enthusiasm. 

And remember, one member makes a membership but with these tips and lots of consistency your membership will soon grow.


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