Are You Moving Forwards or Standing Still?

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I was chatting to a lady in my group recently and she said she felt her business wasn’t doing anything.

It wasn’t growing. It wasn’t moving forwards. At best she was just standing still.

She was a bit fed up about it and was asking for help.

So I asked her how she knew it wasn’t growing.

She said she just felt that way.

So I asked if her numbers were telling her that her business wasn’t growing.

  • Were her sales over the last 12 months better or worse than the previous 12 months?
  • Was her average sale value larger or smaller than this time last year?
  • How about her repeat business – were more customers returning for repeat sales than a year ago or fewer?
  • Was her website traffic better or worse than last year?
  • Were her social media numbers growing or shrinking?

Now, to her credit she admitted she didn’t know because she hadn’t tracked any numbers but she said she would head off and try to find out.

It’s really easy to forget to do this (or not even realise it’s a thing). You’re busy IN your business and handling whatever else life throws at you so it’s not surprising numbers don’t get tracked but here’s the thing.

The numbers in your business give you really valuable information.

  • They tell you what’s working and what isn’t.
  • They tell you about patterns in your business.
  • They tell you about opportunities you might be missing.
  • They tell you where to focus your energy and attention and where NOT to.

(This is one of the main reasons I designed my Awesome Marketing Planner by the way, because too many people weren’t tracking their numbers and they were missing out on sales as a result.)

So, back to my lovely lady. She couldn’t get all the information but she had a lot of it.

Turns out her number of sales was slightly better than the previous 12 months.

Not only that but this year her average spend was way up, so even though the quantity of sales wasn’t massively improved she was making quite a lot more money per sale (she just didn’t feel busier).

Also, she found out more of her customers were coming back for repeat purchases than the year before and there was a pattern – they tended to buy her best-seller and then come back for more of that, plus try other variations so she could now put bundles and offers together to encourage them to spend even more each time on things she knew they would love.

And finally, her social media numbers were pretty static because she wasn’t posting engaging content and she knew this, so she tried some of my engagement suggestions and all of a sudden people were seeing her posts and taking action (including buying).

So I guess there’s a lesson here. Know your numbers. Even if you don’t like numbers it’s not like maths at school, these numbers are telling you what to do in your business and how to make more money and it’s easy to know them, just start tracking them from today. Do it every day, every week, every month. Make a habit of it then use these magical numbers to grow your business and make more money. OK?

Love, Claire xx

PS: if this resonated with you please comment and let me know, I love hearing from you!

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