A Business Lesson from Prince's Safecracker

A Business Lesson from Prince’s Safecracker


I was listening to a podcast on the way back from the school run one morning and they interviewed the safecracker who opened Prince’s (the singer) safe after he died. Random, I know, but bear with me.

This man had been cracking safes for over 20 years. He studied them. He had honed his skills and perfected his art. He had files and folders of measurements and technical drawings to help him do his job.

He explained that modern safes, especially the one Prince owned, are unbelievable and deemed uncrackable. It’s not like in movies where they listen for clicks, that went out years ago.

The only way to crack them is to get through the multiple layers, including one made just of ball bearings that wrecks drill bits, use an endoscope and reverse engineer the combination. They have minute tolerances – if you are a couple of millimetres out when performing just one of the complicated steps it will fire a re-closing mechanism that wrecks all the work you just did. It was fascinating (well at least I thought so!).

Anyway after an hour he was able to swing open the door to the safe and the roomful of people gave him a round of applause and it made me think of you. Why?

Well, think about the spectators. To them they had watched a man take an hour to open a safe.

What actually happened was a man only took an hour to open an uncrackable safe because of the 20+ years of practise, experience, research, learning and persistence he had behind him. Understandably he is expensive to hire but you’re paying for the years not the hours.

Now, think about how much you have learned over the years to get to where you are today.

All the practise you’ve had, the mistakes you have made, the shortcuts you’ve worked out, the art you have perfected, the skills you have developed.

The end result is what you sell in your business and you under-charge because you think people won’t pay what it’s actually worth.

This is my reminder to you that your end product or service is the result of years of experience and the ‘right’ people will value that and will pay the right price. Focus on them.

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